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Giving Thanks

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Many years ago, President Washington set aside a day to give thanks for our nation.  President Lincoln made this day an ongoing tradition.  The third Thursdays in November gives us a much needed opportunity to reflect on our lives, as we realize just how lucky we all are, and hopefully, thankful for what we have.

What’s this got to do with Home Automation? Nothing, and everything.

The month of thanks reminds me of how lucky that I’ve been to be using X10 for the last 21 years.  I’m lucky that I found the technology.  Lucky that I’ve had the resources to grow my HA system.  Lucky that I’ve met so many people that share my interests and are always willing to lend a hand in trouble shooting and designing my projects.

This time of year also makes me realize that there are many in the world that aren’t so lucky.  Many could only wish that they had a home, let alone an automated one.

While I sit here typing this blog and designing a way to attach a meat thermometer to my computer so that I can have a voice announcement when the turkey is ready,  I wonder how many will go hungry this holiday season.

Here’s what I resolve to do this November.

Instead of buying any new HA toys, I’m going to make a donation to my nearest food pantry or to a church group that has a community Thanksgiving Dinner that’s open to anyone.   Instead of spending my time on my projects,  I’m going to give some time to the less fortunate.  Instead of using my prayers to ask for the safety of my family,  I’m going to pray for others.

Home Automation will be always be there for me next month (Christmas display on X10).  This month I’m going to focus on what really matters, I hope you will too.

Give Thanks